R&D Esprit programme

We are looking for data scientists to join our biostatistics Esprit R&D development programme, could this be you?

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Patrick Eidam
Research and development

Are you a brilliant data scientist? Do you want to join a world-leading Biostatistics data science team, and help build its future?

This is an exciting opportunity to channel your passion for data science to help shape the future of the Biostatistics function and revolutionise the way in which GSK conducts its R&D in the future.? Through this 3-year programme you will help drive novel, cutting edge technology initiatives and lead the way in upskilling Statisticians and Programmers in data science tools and methodology.

What is unique about the Esprit R&D Development Programme?

Past success following the Esprit R&D programme has provided outstanding senior leaders and technical specialists in both Scientific and Medical areas. In 2018 we extended this programme to data leaders and we are now specifically targeting Biostatistics data science experts to support GSK’s R&D strategic transformation. In this development programme, as a talented individual you will be supported with:

  • Accelerated development to achieve an in-depth knowledge of R&D’s Biostatistics environment, whilst gaining a broad understanding of the wider R&D organisation. This will be achieved through a minimum of two rotations within Biostatistics, with the possibility of a third rotation with partner organisations in GSK. Rotations will be tailored to the individuals needs and interests and could include an international assignment
  • Autonomy to help shape an intellectually demanding, diverse, fluid environment where you will be part of the Biostatistics ground-breaking work that patients and our business depend on
  • Tailored support through mentoring and coaching. We understand you may not have previous experience in R&D Healthcare, therefore you’ll have regular access to senior leaders and leading data thinkers to help you in your mission to support acceleration of development of the next generation of medicines for patients
  • Business acumen and leadership training to help you thrive within the matrix environment.

The programme can be a career differentiator for participants. Members who have a high level of success on the programme are recognised for their technical/scientific contributions and are well positioned to accelerate their careers in the R&D function within GSK.

Will you be joining our 2020 Esprit R&D development programme?

This is a technical leadership position where you will be empowered to be creative, collaborative, ambitious and bold to solve novel R&D problems. We need data science leaders to help embed modern data science principles and ways of working within the biostatistics organisation.? From a technical perspective, the kind of persona most suitable for this role will have a combined skill set across modelling, data wrangling and systems and tools. ?

On completion of the 3-year Esprit rotation programme we aim to off-board you into a Biostatistics technical leadership role that best suits both the business’ needs and your abilities. Join us on this exciting journey and take the opportunity to utilise your expertise to revolutionise the future of medicinal discovery at GSK.

Careers in Biostatistics Data Science

Learn all about careers in Biostatistics Data Science at GSK as part of our Esprit R&D programme.

How can I apply?

Applications are now open. Esprit R&D biostatistics data science opportunities are available in the UK and US and you will need to be eligible to live and work in one of these countries. The application window closes on 11th October 2019. Early application is advisable for all regions.