We are shifting perceptions to see waste as a potential resource with a target to have all our waste repurposed for beneficial use by 2030.

Instead of waste streams going to landfill, we seem them as a resource that can be diverted to other uses – helping us to achieve our new goal to repurpose all our waste for beneficial use by 2030. This is because, as well as environmental benefits, there are considerable economic and social benefits to be gained, too.

A pile of inhalers to be recycled
Inhalers for recycling

Today, around 77% of our waste is either recycled or incinerated to generate energy. For example, more than 1.5 million used inhalers have been recycled through our Complete the Cycle programme in the UK since it began in 2012. This has the benefit of avoiding harmful environmental impacts from landfill, as well as keeping materials, such as solvents, in circulation for use in new products. Over 70% of GSK sites and offices have achieved zero waste to landfill, and we are aiming to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020 at all of our sites.